Our Story

Hi! I'm Darby, founder of New Bub Club.  That little guy in the picture is Dion. The truth is, we got off to a very rocky start. Dion was born via an emergency cesarean that left me with some tricky complications to deal with at home and a lot of birth trauma to work through. He couldn't latch properly, so I was attached to the breast pump 8x per day.  He was born in London, a (wonderful) place where we had no family nearby. A global pandemic hit and we found ourselves completely isolated.  We desperately needed support from our 'village' but they were thousands of miles away. 

We knew we needed help, but weren't very good at asking for it. Many well intentioned friends sent adorable baby clothes, bibs and blankets and while we greatly appreciated it all, we had heaps of this stuff already. We were struggling with the bare basics. Instead of catching up on much needed sleep or 'us' time in the evenings, we'd find ourselves making last minute trips to the supermarket, cooking, and cleaning, before starting the "night shift' of waking every couple hours with Dion. Takeaways became a regular occurrence, but we never felt great after eating the meals and the amount of waste from one delivery would fill up 1/4 of our bin for the week! We watched our ecological footprint grow with Dion's arrival as we found ourselves choosing convenience over everything.  

We've spent a lot of time reflecting back on those difficult months. After surveying many other parents in similar situations it became clear that we all wished we had more support with one thing: MEALS. Well, sleep too, but unfortunately you can’t buy that. 

So we sought out to build this business in hopes that more parents would feel supported by their 'village.' We also didn't want to make parents choose between convenience and their environmental impact, which is why we operate a zero waste model. We dream of a world where all new parents have a fridge full of nutritious, delicious, no prep meals, ready at a moments notice. Because, let's face it, nothing says "I've got my sh*t together" more than a fridge full of food!

Since we've launched I've been blown away by the reactions of parents getting a box of our meals - from tears to happy dances - we've seen it all! We're so thankful to play a tiny part in lighting up their day and journey into parenthood. 

If I can answer any questions or you just want to say hi, please send me a message!