Our Story

Hear from our Founder, Darby O'Donnell

It all started in London...

Nothing about my son Dion’s birth went to plan. We were living in London at the time and after a 30+ hour induced labour at 42 weeks, his heartbeat flatlined. I was rushed to the operating theatre and told we had minutes to save his life. That experience shook me to my core and played a major role in shaping a difficult postpartum experience and subsequent career shift.

Everything about being a new parent was harder than I expected. We had breastfeeding
issues from the start, so I was attached to a breast pump 8x per day. Complications from the
emergency caesarean left me struggling to get around at home. We didn't have any family nearby and within three months, London went into lockdown.

We were in survival mode for months and took every shortcut available to try and make it
through each day. Meals became one of the easiest things to outsource – but we often felt
uneasy about how it was impacting our health (especially as a breastfeeding mum) and the
environment. The bin was full of the takeaway packaging – always the plastic containers,
inside the paper bag, inside the plastic bags. I’ve always been someone who was conscious of the environment but the importance of protecting the environment for the next generation had become more acute when I became a mum.


This difficult postpartum experience ignited a passion in me to support other parents in their transition. It was the impetus for leaving a career in human rights law and starting New Bub Club!


I'm so thankful to be on this journey with my two little boys, now 4 and 1.5, and living in Australia with my husband.


xx Darby


Darby O'Donnell

Founder and Mum of 2

Darby is a food lover and former human rights lawyer. Now she runs all the operations of NBC, including as taste tester in chief.

Carolina Felton

Head of Partnerships and Mum of 2

Caro has extensive experience working with sustainably focused brands, including founding her own zero waste company.

Abby McLennan

Head of Nutrition and Mum of 3

Abby is a maternal and paediatric nutritionist with a passion for supporting mums, babies and families through nutrition.